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Suggestions for composing of final qualifying work with pupils for the specialty “Management of this company”

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Suggestions for composing of final qualifying work with pupils for the specialty “Management of this company”

The qualifying that is final (FQW) is some sort of indicator for the clinical readiness and independence that is professional of graduate of a greater educational organization, so its writing can be a built-in area of the last state official official certification. In accordance with the link between the task, it’s possible to judge The level and degree of training of this graduate along with his expert characteristics.

Function and goals regarding the thesis

The student executes and defends FQW in general management of this company at the last phase of training.

the objective of the utilization of the FQW is always to make a qualifying work, when the pupil must show deep knowledge that is theoretical the growth of particular dilemmas, the capability to utilize contemporary ways of financial research in conducting calculations that are various use the achievements of technology and technology in re re solving practical issues, plainly and logically show thoughts that are own generalize and draw conclusions and recommendations.

Execution and protection of FQW may be the outcome of student learning at the college, assessment for the degree of their knowledge, along with his objective: systematization, consolidation, expansion of practical and theoretical knowledge within the specialty, application for this knowledge in solving certain financial dilemmas, growth of abilities for separate work with contemporary manufacturing.

FQW, as a guideline, is conducted on the materials of the enterprise that is particular so when performing the thesis, the pupil need:

• study regulatory documents and unique financial literature on the plumped for topic. Along the way of learning, abilities are acquired to recognize unsolved dilemmas, to critically assess the proposals of specific writers to re re solve them, and also to formulate the student’s very own mindset to re solving a certain issue;

• usage modern ways of administration and research that is economic

• solve the tasks separately;

• state your ideas obviously, precisely as well as in strict rational series.

Demands for last qualifying work

FQW of a pupil is definitely a work that is independent the world of management and must:

• reflect the advanced level of basic academic and unique training associated with student in the profile of their future work that is practical

• be into the nature of a separate research, reflect a critical approach tothe present system of company of administration into the company;

• comply with all the theoretical calculations and mirror the monetary and financial tasks of the enterprise that is particular according to that your pupil executes work;

• have specific suggestions and proposals targeted at enhancing the company of enterprise administration, as well as determining reserves for enhancing manufacturing effectiveness;

• be framed correctly according to what’s needed regarding the work, be printed in an obvious, economically literate language.

The FQW has got the value that is greatest, once the tips and recommendations of the student donate to enhancing the company’s training and enhancing the administration procedures of a organization that is particular. The utilization of the tips will give a particular effect that is economic in addition to be accepted, verified by way of a certification or an act of execution.

Picking a topic

Topic of the FQW is approved and developed by the division of this institute. In accordance with the developed topics, the student should simply simply just take into account theoretical and expert training, the subjects of finished course work and reports for the duration of research the handling of the company, advertising policy, and concentrate on the data of this company of this enterprise, in which the pupil had training that is practical.

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The pupil gets the directly to offer the division their topic, or even the topic that has been suggested by the company. The topic of the FQW could be changed in consultation with the supervisor and the relative head of this division in those instances when it’s rejected the alternative of collecting and getting full-fledged product for its writing.

The topic that is specific of thesis is assigned to your pupil on their individual written application addressed towards the rector and must certanly be agreed using the manager following the specific meeting. Then it’s authorized by purchase of the institute.