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At Fresh Corporate Cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering cleaning solutions to the commercial market in Perth. You will actually be able to see, feel and smell the difference once we’ve completed the job. Our ethos is to keep your five senses fresh, which is we offer a variety of cleaning services and packages. You can choose which service you need and when you need it. From steam cleaning and waste removal to careful wiping and sanitisation, your corporate office or any commercial workplace can benefit from our unique, eco-friendly service offering. One of our specialist services is window cleaning.

Window cleaning is a challenging task on a commercial scale, especially when the windows span the entire perimeter of a floor. Windows gather dust and dirt extremely quickly due to the weather conditions on the outside and staff movements on the inside. Whether it’s the wind or rain, sneezing or food splatters, your windows take a lot of strain and should be cleaned regularly. There is no getting away from a dirty window; it is easily noticeable because, of course, it is transparent.

First impressions last, and if clients approach your store or office and notice a dirty window, you’re putting them off before they even experience your great service. It is essential that you clean your windows often and we are the go-to company to assist you. We clean large commercial windows, inside and out to ensure your entire office or commercial workplace looks clean. Think of your windows as the tyres of your car; even if the inside and exterior is clean, you’re still going to notice the grime build-up on the place that has the least human contact.

We have specialist equipment and cleaning materials to carry out a commercial window-cleaning job. We use a water-fed pole that makes it easy for us to reach and clean high windows and awkward corners. This system also allows us to perform the job without causing inconvenience to your company. We promote productivity in the workplace, which is why we started this business. Your business will experience minimal downtime while we’re busy and a spectacular view when we leave.

Our highly skilled team is equipped to rise up to any commercial window cleaning challenge; no matter how tough you think your dirt is, our expertise and staff are up to the challenge. With some extra elbow grease, the correct equipment and cleaning agents, we are able to clean your windows immaculately leaving no streaks or spots behind.

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