Recycling Waste

Recycling Waste

If you don’t know what to do with all your commercial waste, let us know and we’ll remove it for you in a responsible way. We recycle all your old waste, large or small, including computer boxes, old desks and electronics. We will remove and recycle (where possible) with no fuss. We do this to minimise the pressure on our earth caused by large landfills. You can contribute by contacting us to pick up your waste.

Green waste collection

Fresh Corporate Cleaning is one of the leading companies in green waste removal. Keeping your office clean is more than dusting off and vacuuming; waste management plays a large role in the cleanliness of your workplace.

We know that prevention is better than cure, which is why we need to take the necessary steps to ensure our earth’s sustainability before it’s too late. A landfill does so much harm to our eco-system and at Fresh Corporate Cleaning, we are committed to recycling and responsible waste removal.

In an office or commercial environment, it could take hours sifting through everyone’s rubbish to determine what can be recycled. You can make this process simple by purchasing special recycling bins that are clearly marked with what content should go inside, e.g. glass, plastic, and paper. We can handle all your recycling and waste removal. It is the perfect solution for busy offices with a large amount of trash.

Waste management

We have a responsibility as consumers to manage our waste, and at the office, we can do that on your behalf. No matter what commercial industry you work in, there will always be something to recycle. We adhere to the following hierarchy, from the worst option to the best option: disposal (landfill), energy recovery (incineration), recycling, reuse, and minimisation. Some waste can be sent off to manufacturers where the recycling process allows the waste to become the same product such as glass or plastic, or make it into a raw material that can be used to make products such as bricks or tiles. Many people think you cannot recycle food, but we send this type of waste to farms where it can be converted to various fertilizers, compost and even bio-fuel. If all commercial businesses implanted the strategies above, the pressure on Australia’s landfills would be greatly relieved.

Certain materials cannot be recycled or should be disposed of correctly such as medical equipment and e-waste (electronic waste). We have the necessary expertise to get rid of this type of waste safely and responsibly. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly cleaning practises and the part we play in responsible office waste management. Electronic and chemical waste collection needs to be handled by a professional. There are potentially hazardous materials in these types of waste and special handling practises need to be employed throughout the disposal process.
For effective office recycling solutions and waste management, contact fresh Corporate Cleaning today.

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