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Cleaning your office or any commercial workplace is essential to increase productivity and to promote a healthy environment for employees. General cleaning should take place every couple of days to ensure a hygienically safe working area. However, this is not enough, which is why our premium services are available to give your commercial workplace a thorough cleaning.

Steam cleaning

One of the most important services we offer is carpet steam cleaning. We place a high value on this service and urge all companies to steam clean their carpets at least once a month. Carpets collect a lot of dirt throughout the day and it piles up until a regular vacuuming won’t do the job. Steam cleaning however, does more than remove the dirt; it cleans within the fibres and sanitises the material. There are many benefits of carpet steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning works by jetting hot water into the fibres of the carpet to remove dirt build-up. The heat of the steam helps to eliminate or at least reduce the germs, bacteria and other toxins that live deep inside it. For residential carpet cleaning, hiring a machine and cleaning it yourself is a suitable option, however, for corporate and commercial applications, it is best to contact the professionals. We know exactly how to control the moisture and heat level so that there is no damage to your carpet. We use the correct cleaning agents that offer sanitation and deodorisation to assist employees who have allergies or other sensitivities.

Steam cleaning a carpet helps eliminate trapped toxins

This is one of the most important benefits because having pollutants in your carpets has a direct effect on your health. A carpet may not appear to be dirty to the naked eye; in fact, most of the hazardous dirt is microscopic and is trapped in places you cannot see. This dirt can be anything from outdoor pollution, indoor air toxins, small insects and their waste, and everyday filth and dust. You cannot avoid this dirt from being trapped in your carpet, which is why it is essential to steam clean regularly. Our carpet cleaning services kill the bacteria living inside your carpet using specialised cleaning agents and high-powered vacuums.

Prevent mould growth with regular steam cleaning

Perth is renowned for warm temperatures and high humidity. These are prime conditions for mould to thrive and grow, especially with moisture exposure. While the office itself may not be damp, employees step water into the flooring that they bring from outside. If not dried or vacuumed immediately, this sinks into the fibres, creating a home for mould. You’re not going to employ someone to vacuum a wet spot whenever one occurs, but you can contact us to steam clean your carpets because it can actually prevent mould growth by using specialised equipment and cleaning materials to hinder moisture from settling.

You’ll also find that steam cleaning prolongs a carpet’s life. Businesses never need unnecessary expenses, so keep a hand on your carpet to avoid having to replace it. Contact Fresh Corporate Cleaning to see the difference.

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