Commercial _Steam Cleaning Perth_

Commercial Steam Cleaning Perth

Think about your office space and how many people work there. For eight hours a day, colleagues share a small space and it’s not a hard task to get it dirty. Besides eating and drinking, our movements alone cause dust and airborne germs. This can’t be avoided but you can avoid a dirt pile up with regular cleaning.

Commercial office building cleaning

Employing someone to clean your corporate office or commercial workplace is not enough to create a healthy, hygienic working environment. Our professional general cleaning services are available to ensure your workplace is well kept and safe to work in; health hazards in the office is the number one cause of absenteeism and decrease in productivity.

At Fresh Corporate Cleaning, we don’t believe in your average wipe down, we provide a specialised service that promotes a healthier working environment by using specialised cleaning agents and equipment to not only clean your office, but sanitise it by reducing and eliminating harmful germs and airborne toxins.

General office cleaning consists of various tasks such as:

  • Cubical / workstation cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning sanitation
  • Dusting and polishing furniture and surfaces
  • Cleaning of reception areas, boardroom and common areas
  • Waste removal
  • Recycling waste
  • Cleaning all floors (vacuuming & polishing)

Our skilled team of cleaners has extensive experience in the industry, and with every job, we work with a detailed checklist, so you are able to see and check exactly what our team has done for the day.


Never underestimate the value of a good vacuuming. To avoid dirt build-up in the fibres of your carpet and trapped pollutants, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Vacuuming is the interim solution to effective carpet cleaning because it removes loose particles that create an appearance of a dirty carpet and cause airborne toxins.

Careful dusting & wiping

With all our general cleaning services, we dust off and wipe all surfaces and furniture, and we go above and beyond, or should we say beneath, to clean under your furniture, in the hard to reach corners, as well as all electrical appliances or machinery. This ensures that every part of your furniture, surfaces and walls are spotless, leaving the entire area of the office immaculate.

Thorough restroom & toilet cleaning

This room contains more germs and bacteria than any other area in the workplace. We can’t guarantee that everyone washes their hands after each visit, but we sure can make the place is almost germ-free by cleaning it thoroughly using the necessary equipment and bacteria-fighting chemicals.

Rubbish removal

Whether its kitchen waste or general office rubbish, we can remove your waste quickly before it contaminates or dirties your workplace any further. Collective dirt gathers filth like moss on a stone, so it is imperative that you get rid of it regularly throughout the day. If there isn’t an available channel for you to do so, we will dispose of it efficiently and responsibly.

Let Fresh Corporate Cleaning be your partner in commercial cleaning, contact us today and change the look and feel of your workplace.

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